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Cow-Calf Corner 9/26/15
Glenn Selk...
Cow-Calf Corner: Fence Line Weaning 10/3/15
Glenn Selk has advice for fence-line weaning.
Cow-Calf Corner: Size of Cows For Breeding Season 10/10/15
Glenn Selk has advice for pricing culled cattle.
Cow-Calf Corner: Inflated Cattle 10/17/15
Glenn Selk explains dressing percentage and the impact it may have on a cow’s price at the sale barn.
Cow-Calf Corner: Are 'Wild Cattle' Good for your Herd? 10/24/15
Glenn Selk says temperament of cattle should be considered at culling time.
Cow-Calf Corner 10/31/15
Glenn Selk covers the importance of maintaining body condition scores in cattle leading into the next breeding season.
Cow-Calf Corner: Mineral Needs for Cattle 11/7/15
Glenn Selk covers the importance of mineral supplement for cattle.
Cow-Calf Corner: How Much Hay to Feed? 11/14/15
Glenn Selk answers the question: How much hay do I need to feed cattle over the winter?
Cow-Calf Corner: Feed Additives for Heifers 11/21/15
Glenn Selk looks at the best way to add ionophores to heifer feed.
Cow-Calf Corner: Veterinary Feed Directive 11/28/15
Glenn Selk talks with Dr. Rod Hall about the Veterinary Feed Directive.
Cow-Calf Corner: Calculating The Body Score 12/5/15
Glenn Selk shows us how to calculate the body condition score of cattle.
Cow-Calf Corner: Calculating The Body Score 12/12/15
Glenn Selk shows us why the body condition score of the cow impacts her calf.
Cow-Calf Corner: Feeding Times & Calving 12/19/15
Glenn Selk explains new data concerning feed times and calving.
Cow-Calf Corner 8/16/14
Glenn Selk offers some tips for the fall calving season.
Cow-Calf Corner 8/02/14
Glenn Selk explains how to stockpile bermudagrass.
Cow-Calf Corner 7/26/14
Glenn Selk offers tips on following the Beef Quality Assurance guidelines
Cow-Calf Corner 7/19/14
Glenn Selk explains the benefits of combining the Oklahoma Gold supplement program and deworming in late summer.
Cow-Calf Corner 7/12/14
Glenn Selk looks at nitrate levels in summer annuals when cut at different times of day.
Cow-Calf Corner 7/05/14
Glenn Selk discusses how warmer temperatures impact breeding efficiency in bulls.
Cow-Calf Corner 6/28/14
Glenn Selk looks at the benefits of the Oklahoma Gold feeding program.
Cow-Calf Corner 6/21/14
Glenn Selk looks at how to maintain and manage mineral intake.
Cow-Calf Corner 6/14/14
Glenn Selk examines the potential for nitrate toxicity exposure from summer annuals.
Cow-Calf Corner 6/07/14
Glenn Selk explains how fence-line weaning could improve profit margins.
Cow-Calf Corner 5/31/14
Glenn Selk considers the potential benefits of having both a spring and fall calving season on your ranch.
Cow-Calf Corner 5/24/14
Glenn Selk explains the best storage methods for round hay bales.
Cow-Calf Corner 5/17/14
Glenn Selk covers research on the benefits of culling unruly cows from a herd.
Cow-Calf Corner 5/10/14
Glenn Selk offers advice on preventing and treating eye problems in a herd.
Cow-Calf Corner 5/3/14
Glenn Selk explains the importance of pregnancy checks for replacement heifers after rebreeding season.
Cow-Calf Corner 4/26/14
Glenn Selk looks at short-term calf removal as a way to begin the weaning process.
Cow-Calf Corner 4/19/14
Glenn Selk explains the importance of checking udder soundness in order to make culling decisions.

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