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County Fair: Ottawa County 8/20/16
SUNUP travels to Miami to see what has made the Ottawa County Fair special for 97 years.
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Rust in Wheat 1/9/16
SUNUP visit with Bob Hunger about rust showing up in Oklahoma wheat fields.
Farm to Fork 1/9/16
We look at what to expect from the second Food To Fork, OSU’s massive open online course or MOOC. Enrollment is currently open for OSU credit or non-credit.
Grass Tetany 1/23/16
Dave Lalman has advice for cattle producers who may be dealing with grass tetany in the coming weeks.
Learning About Water 1/23/16
SUNUP finds out from Garey Fox and Cheryl Newberry why elementary students may be the key to water conservation.
Applying Top Dress To Wheat and Canola 1/30/16
Brian Arnall reminds us that producers should be thinking about top dress applications. He also as special advice for canola growers.
First Hollow Stem Advisor 1/30/16
J.D. Carlson explains the benefits of using the Mesonet’s First Hollow Stem Advisor when planning to remove cattle from wheat pasture.
Wheat Pasture Research Update and Bloat Prevention 1/30/16
Gerald Horn updates the ongoing cattle grazing research at the Wheat Pasture Research Unit near Marshall.
Eastern Oklahoma Floods: Five Feet High and Rising 2/6/16
SUNUP travels with Jason Vogel to Tahlequah to see the area along the Illinois River devastated by record floods in late December. We’ll examine the scope of ...
Flood Water in Your Well? 2/6/16
Jason covers water testing resources and how to disinfect a well once flood water recedes.
Panning For A Family Farm Transition 2/6/16
Shannon Ferrell explains how families can successfully transition farms from one generation to the next.
Wheat Update & First Hollow Stem 2/13/16
Jeff Edwards shows us how to identify the stage in the growing cycle when wheat reaches first hollow stem. He also warns producers about stripe rust appearing ...
Stardust: Oklahoma's New White Wheat 2/13/16
Brett Carver, OKSTATE wheat geneticist, announces the latest wheat variety released by Oklahoma State University.
2016 No-Till Conference Reminder 2/13/16
Brian Arnall has a reminder about the 2016 No-Till Oklahoma Conference.
Are Bins Ready For Grain? 2/13/16
Carol Jones has advice for producers who are storing grain on their farms.
Checking Structures After Earthquakes 2/20/16
Paul Weckler has advice for checking a home or farm for earthquake damage.
Irrigation Flow 2/20/16
Scott Frazier demonstrates how researchers are measuring the flow of irrigation pivots in Western Oklahoma and the Panhandle. He also tells us about the ...
Canola Crop Update 2/27/16
Josh Lofton explains what canola producers should scout for in their fields. He also has information about the upcoming No-Till Oklahoma Conference in Norman.
Selecting The Right Bull For The Job 2/27/16
Looking for a bull? Megan Rolf offers advice for picking the best bull for your herd.
Planning for Summer Crops 4/9/16
Josh Lofton talks about summer crop options across Oklahoma and what producers may do to prepare for them.
Alfalfa Weevil Update 4/9/16
We offer advice from the E-Pest Alert newsletter on alfalfa weevil larvae.
Becoming a Cow Dog 4/9/16
Kurtis Hair travels to Seminole County, to learn what it takes to train dogs to use their natural herding instincts with livestock.
Wheat Update with Jeff Edwards 4/2/16
Jeff Edwards has an update on the wheat crop, then Bob Hunger says stripe rust has become more prevalent in wheat and has advice for controlling it.
Canola Update with Josh Lofton 4/2/16
Josh Lofton explains how much freeze damage a canola crop can handle.
Woods County Hay Donation 4/2/16
Kurtis Hair, tells us how Oklahomans are helping ranchers in Woods County following the recent fires.

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