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Cow-Calf Corner: Calving Kit 1/24/15
Glenn Selk gives an overview of items to include in a calving kit. Link:
Cow-Calf Corner: Signs of Calving 1/31/15
Glenn Selk explains how to recognize a cow may be ready to deliver a calf.
Cow-Calf Corner: Calving Difficulty 2/7/15
Glenn Selk has tips on what to do if a cow is delivering a calf feet first.
Cow-Calf Corner: Newborn Hypothermia 2/21/15
Glenn Selk explains how to help a newborn calf overcome hypothermia.
Cow-Calf Corner: Nutrition Requirements 2/28/15
In Cow-Calf Corner, Glenn Selk looks at the daily nutrition requirements for cows before and after calving.
Cow-Calf Corner: New Bulls 3/21/15
Glenn Selk offers advice on ensuring new bulls are ready for breeding season.
Cow-Calf Corner: Calving & Rebreeding 3/28/15
Glenn Selk covers OSU research on maintaining body condition scores between calving and rebreeding.
Cow-Calf Corner: Freemartin Heifers 4/11/15
Glenn Selk explains why freemartin calves (females born with a bull twin) should not be used as replacement heifers.
Cow-Calf Corner: Udder Soundness 4/18/15
Glenn Selk explains the importance of checking udder soundness in order to make culling decisions.
Cow-Calf Corner: Weaning & Rebreeding 4/4/15
Glenn Selk looks at the best times to wean calves for successful rebreeding.
Cow-Calf Corner: Culling Heifers 4/25/15
Glenn Selk explains how pregnancy tests can help producers make heifer culling decisions.
Cow-Calf Corner: Realistic A.I. 5/2/15
Glenn Selk helps producers set realistic expectations for artificial insemination success rates.
Cow-Calf Corner: Vaccination Records 5/9/15
Glenn Selk offers tips on the information to include in herd vaccination records.
Cow-Calf Corner: Post Calving 5/16/15
Glenn Selk looks at what to take note of after calving season to help increase productivity during the next season.
Cow-Calf Corner: Calving Seasons 5/23/15
Glenn Selk offers planning advice to producers about spring and fall calving seasons.
Cow-Calf Corner 5/30/15
Glenn Selk has tips to prevent fires caused by spontaneous combustion in moist hay.
Cow-Calf Corner: Foot Rot 6/6/15
Glenn Selk offers tips to prevent foot rot in cattle.
Cow-Calf Corner: Fencing 6/13/15
Glenn Selk offers tips on fencing designs to keep bulls separate from cows.
Cow-Calf Corner: Pasture for Weaned Cattle 6/20/15
Glenn Selk offers tips on protein supplement programs for weaned calves.
Cow-Calf Corner: Eye Infections 6/27/15
Glenn Selk explains how eye infections in cattle can negatively affect weight.
Cow-Calf Corner: Heat Stress in Cattle 7/4/15
Glenn Selk explains how the heat of July can stress cattle.
Cow-Calf Corner 7/11/15
Glenn Selk offers advice on mineral feeding for cattle.
Cow-Calf Corner 7/18/15
Glenn Selk talks about the importance of using nutritional supplement with low-quality, low-protien forages.
Cow-Calf Corner: Refrigerate your Vaccines 7/25/15
Glenn Selk talks about why it is important to see if refrigerators are actually staying cold while holding medicine.
Cow-Calf Corner: Stockpiling Bermuda Grass 8/1/15
In Cow-Calf Corner, Glenn Selk talks about stockpiling bermudagrass for winter feed.
Cow-Calf Corner: When Fall Calves Come Early 8/22/15
Glenn Selk says fall-born calves do come early, so be prepared.
Cow-Calf Corner: 3 Stages of Calving 8/29/15
Glenn Selk explains the three stages of calving.
Cow-Calf Corner 9/5/15
Glenn Selk explains how to reach cattle body condition goals moving into colder weather.
Cow-Calf Corner 9/12/15
Glenn Selk explains how the length of weaning can impact calf health.
Cow-Calf Corner 9/19/15
Glenn Selk explains how to prepare heifers for breeding.

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