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Cow-Calf Corner 10/22/16
Glenn Selk discusses supplement needs for cow-calf pairs on hay.
Cow-Calf Corner - The Importance of Colostrum 12/7/19
Glenn Selk tells us why colostrum is important to a calf’s health, especially in its first hours of life.
Cow-Calf Corner - Helpful Equations 9/25/21
OSU Extension beef cattle breeding specialist Mark Johnson has information on the importance of collecting information, such as genetics data, on your herd.
Cow-Calf Corner 9/8/18
Glenn Selk has advice on continuing growth of value-added calves between weaning and sale.
Cow-Calf Corner 12/16/17
Glenn Selk says we should start planning for nutritional needs of older cows now, to prevent grass tetany at calving.
Cow-Calf Corner - Open heifers 6/16/18
Glenn Selk explains the importance of pregnancy checking replacement heifers.
Cow-Calf Corner - Moldy hay 6/8/19
Glenn Selk explains the dangers of feeding moldy hay.
Cow-Calf Corner - Protein Supplements 6/30/18
Glenn Selk offers guidance on supplements for cows entering a new breeding season.

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