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African Swine Fever 11/2/19
We take a look at how Oklahoma officials are preparing should African Swine Fever ever surface in the United States.
Going Back to Older Technology 11/2/19
We learn how a Noble County producer is mangaging his margins amid low wheat prices, and then - John Long explains how technology plays a growing role in crop ...
Southeast grazing 3/30/19
We learn about an ongoing range research prescribed burning project in Southeastern Oklahoma with Laura Goodman.
Wheat Update & soil temperature 3/30/19
We get an update on wheat across the state from Josh Lofton as well as an explanation of the importance of soil temperature when planting summer crops. Josh ...
Cotton seed for cattle food 12/16/17
Dave Lalman has advice for cattle producers planning to feed cottonseed to cattle.
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We're thick with ticks! 7/1/17
SUNUP talks ticks with Dr. Susan Little, of Oklahoma State University’s Center for Veterinary Health Sciences.
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Wheat Harvest: Update 7/2/16
SUNUP is checking with David Marburger for a harvest recap and early results from the OSU Wheat Improvement Team’s research variety trials.
This Bites! 7/2/16
Justin Talley takes a comprehensive look at Oklahoma mosquitoes. Discussion includes insect types, breeding information and viruses such as Zika and West Nile.
Wheat for Cattle 7/9/16
Dave Lalman has advice for feeding wheat grain to cattle.
Spiders: Good and Bad 7/09/16
Andrine Shufran says there are more to black widow and brown recluse spiders than you may think.
Tuttle Library Story 7/9/16
See how Grady County 4-H ers are helping to expand literacy in their community.
Another Use for Used Water 7/16/16
Sergio Abit shows us Extension’s new wastewater demonstration site.
Let Me Tell You About The Wasps and The Bees 7/16/16
Eric Rebek explains how bees and wasps impact agriculture.
Diane's Signature Products 7/16/16
SUNUP travels to Oklahoma County where two women with a family recipe are growing a business one bottle at a time.
Sugarcane Aphids in Oklahoma, Again... 7/23/16
Tom Royer says its time to start scouting for Sugarcane Aphids in sorghum.
Summer Crops: Corn. Is it a fit for Oklahoma? 7/23/16
Josh Lofton explains how corn can fit into your cropping system.
Watching Margins, The Cattle Industry in Oklahoma 7/23/16
Damona Doye discusses how managing the cost of production on the farm or ranch can lead to long-term financial success and the upcoming Women in Agriculture ...
What is Blue-Green Algae? 7/23/16
SUNUP learns the science behind blue-green algae from Marley Beem and Bill Henley.
Is Your Soil Ready For Winter Crop? 7/30/16
Brian Arnall shares research about soil nutrition ahead of wheat planting.
Summer Crops: Sorghum 7/30/16
Josh Lofton looks at how sorghum can fit into a summer cropping program.
Canola College Reminder 7/30/16
Josh Lofton has information about next week’s Winter Canola Schools.
4-H Roundup 2016 7/30/16
SUNUP looks at Oklahoma’s 95th 4-H Roundup from the perspective of three 4-Hers’ in their first and final years.
Planning For The 2017 Wheat Crop 8/6/16
David Marburger shares where some wheat varieties performed best in the state and has advice for producers planning to graze cattle on wheat.

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