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Comparing pivot & subsurface drip irrigation 8/11/18
We learn about benefits of both pivot and sub surface drip irrigation from Saleh Taghvaeian.
Cotton Update 9/8/18
Seth Byrd has an update on the Oklahoma cotton crop and tips for planning to terminate their crops in the next month.
Wheat approval process 9/22/18
Brett Carver gives us a glimpse into the approval process for new wheat varieties released by OSU scientists.
Pesticide disposal 9/22/18
Charles Luper has information about an upcoming pesticide disposal event.
The benefits of OQBN 11/10/18
Kellie Raper has an update on Oklahoma Quality Beef Network sales.
Master Cattleman ranch tour reminder 5/26/18
David Lalman has a preview of next week’s Master Cattleman Ranch Tour across southern Oklahoma.
Everything you want to know about ranching... 1/28/17
SUNUP starts with Dave Lalman explaining the basics of cattle production. It’s a good starting point for anyone wanting to build a ranching operation.
Fall armyworms 9/29/18
We visit the entomology lab to learn about the fall armyworm from Tom Royer.
Marshall field day reminder 2/23/19
Paul Beck has information about the upcoming 30th Anniversary Field Day at the Marshall Wheat Pasture Research Unit on March 8.
Check the entire cow for ticks. They like to hide. 7/8/17
Justin Talley says there are more hiding spots for ticks on livestock than just the ears. He shows us where to look.
Soil fertility should be at the top of your checklist 8/26/17
Brian Arnall explains how the recent moisture can impact soil fertility, especially ahead of winter crops.
Scouting alfalfa 4/6/19
Kelly Seuhs has advice for controlling weevils in alfalfa.
Crop Update - soggy conditions 2/23/19
We get a soggy update on winter crops from Josh Lofton.
The basics of tack fitting a horse 2/23/19
Kris Hiney shows us how important the correct tack is for the comfort level of horses.
Check your credit, someone else might be 9/23/17
Damona Doye has information on protecting personal information following a recent cybersecurity hack.
Women in Ag Conference 7/15/17
Sara Siems talks about what to expert at the Women in Agriculture & Small Business conference on August 3 and 4.
Hypothermia and lambs 3/9/19
Dr. Barry Whitworth has information about how weather can impact mortality rates in lambs.
A word from Extension on flooding 6/8/19
We meet with Extension Assoc. Vice President Damona Doye to discuss resources available to people in need of flooding assistance.
Alfalfa management 2/2/19
This week on SUNUP we learn from Alex Rocateli about preparing alfalfa pastures for spring.
Miss McCurtain County 9/10/16
SUNUP returns to the McCurtain County Free Fair for a behind-the-scenes look at the Miss McCurtain County Pageant.
Winter Wheat Planting 9/24/16
Winter crop planting with David Marburger.
Woods County 4-H Project - Kayla's Kindness 4/13/19
We head to Woods County to learn about a 4-H’er who is helping to bring a smile to cancer patients across the state.
Beef milk vs. dairy cow milk 12/8/18
Dave Lalman explains the difference between milk from beef and dairy cattle and has information about the upcoming Increasing Efficiencies in Forage and ...
Farm to fork 2/18/17
SUNUP looks at a unique partnership that brings locally sourced meats to Oklahoma students and communities.
Equine health checkup 2/2/19
Dr. Barry Whitworth explains why it is important for horses to be examined by a veterinarian before spring and how to prevent inter-equine diseases.
Should you use cattle implants? 2/10/18
Dave Lalman explains what implants can mean for growth potential of calves.
Sugar cane aphid update 7/29/17
SUNUP learns about research OkState entomologists to curb the spread of sugarcane aphids across the southern Great Plains.
Recap of this years crop 7/22/17
David Marburger recaps the 2017 wheat crop and explains what producers should be thinking about for 2018.
Farm Bill update 12/8/18
We get an update on the farm bill from Amy Hagerman.
Wheat Tour 2017 - Caddo County 5/27/17
SUNUP meets a Caddo County producer who has an interesting crop rotation to maximize his wheat production.

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