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The nitrogen cycle 12/15/18
Brian Arnall puts on his orange lab coat to explain the complete nitrogen cycle.
Financial planning & the government shutdown 1/26/19
We learn from Rodney Jones about resources for ag producers during the federal government shutdown.
Facts About State Question 777 10/1/16
Larry Sanders and Shannon Ferrell provide an overview of the OSU Extension Fact Sheet they co-authored about State Question 777.
Summer Crop Update 6/10/17
SUNUP is at the Cimmaraon Valley Research Station at Perkins where Josh Lofton shows us how the sorghum crop is progressing. He also has a map of the sugarcane ...
SUNUP Best of 2017: Home on the Range: The Chisholm Trail 150 years later 9/23/17
SUNUP revisits a story about how the Chisholm Trail has changed.
Dr. Tom Coon Christmas wish 12/23/17
Dr. Tom Coon reminisces on the Christmas season and thanks you for your support.
Road to the State Fair From Ada to Oklahoma City 10/1/16
SUNUP’s fair tour continues as we travel to Pontotoc County and on to the State Fair of Oklahoma in Oklahoma City with an accomplished 4-H’er.
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The dangers of chronic wasting disease 10/6/18
Dwayne Elmore explains what land owners and hunters should keep an eye out for when it comes to Chronic Wasting Disease in deer.
Dead Canola After Wheat? What Variety Did You Plant? 2/4/17
SUNUP starts with Josh Lofton explaining why canola plants may die if planted after certain wheat varieties in no-till fields.
Talking Cover Crops 10/5/19
Lynda Carrier talks about some of the cover crop research she is a part of and has information about the upcoming Organic Oklahoma Conference.
Gypsum & how it is used 4/6/19
Brian Arnall puts on his orange lab coat and explains why gypsum is important to soil nutrition.
Harvesting Flooded Wheat in Eastern Oklahoma 7/6/19
We visit an eastern Oklahoma wheat producer who is harvesting what he can of a wheat crop on the banks of the recently flooded Arkansas River.
Important information on your cotton 3/11/18
Eric DeVuyst explains the reclassification of cotton by the USDA.
Cattle branding the old fashioned way 6/1/19
Dave Lalman takes us to the Stuart Ranch in Jefferson County to show us how they work calves mostly the same way as they did in 1868.
Wheat Update 1/14/17
SUNUP starts with a winter wheat update with David Marburger.
Brush Pile Burning in Winter? 1/14/17
John Weir advises against burning brush piles following a snow event.
Probiotics for poultry 5/13/17
Patricia Rayas-Duarte and Sarah Schobert explain their research on probiotics for poultry.
Custer County 4-H Drama Club 10/22/16
SUNUP travels to Weatherford to see how Custer County 4-Her’s are taking a new approach to public speaking.
Weed in your Winter Cops 10/22/16
Overview of the weeds that could impact winter crops, with Misha Manuchehri.
Oklahoma's 2017 wheat harvest 6/24/17
David Marburger talks about yields, quality and where producers can find results from OSU’s statewide variety trials. David also invites viewers to the ...
The benefits of mixed rations 5/5/18
David Lalman explains how total mixed rations can help producers feed their cattle during drought.
Nitrogen Rate - What is the Stanford equation? 4/14/18
Brian Arnall explains how to calculate nitrogen rates using the Stanford Equation.
Preparing for wheat planting 9/1/18
David Marburger has one last word of advice for Oklahoma wheat producers as planting season nears across the state.
Celebrating 10 years of SUNUP 10/6/18
We celebrate 10 years since SUNUP came back on the air! I had the opportunity to catch up with Clinton Griffiths, Kathy (Shelton) Chambers and Austin Moore to ...
Thinking about topdress? 1/6/18
Brian Arnall says producers should be planning their topdress options now, but wait for a good rain before application.
Can you find your canola plants? 1/6/18
Josh Lofton has an update on the canola crop. He also talks about the upcoming Sorghum Conference, Canola College and No-Till Conference.
Pollinators & prescribed burning 4/20/19
Kristen Baum shows us why prescribed burns can help attract pollinating insects.
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Insects & winter crops 4/27/19
This week on SUNUP, we learn how insects are impacting winter crop growth from Tom Royer.

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