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Wheat Tour 2018 - Dewey County 6/2/18
We travel to Dewey County to visit a producer who decided to graze his wheat rather than take it to grain.
The power of nitrogen 10/28/17
Brian Arnall explains why nitrogen is essential to crops in Oklahoma.
Do implanted hormones make it to the food supply? 6/3/17
Dave Lalman explains how much estrogen is in hormone-implanted beef compared to other foods.
Oklahoma Agriculture Leadership Program - Oklahoma and beyond 4/14/18
The 18th class of the Oklahoma Agriculture Leadership Program recently graduated. We learn about their study of Oklahoma and international agriculture.
Premium on calves? Is it worth the effort? 11/11/17
We hear from producers selling cattle in an upcoming OQBN sale and why they committed to the required VAC-45 program.
Pests in crops update 3/12/17
Tom Royer shows producers insects to look for in wheat and canola fields.
Special Clovers 12/22/18 R
SUNUP learns about the Oklahoma 4-H camp that builds friendships and makes memories for 4-H’ers with special needs.
Cotton update 7/29/17
Randy Boman explains why there could be tough times ahead for the Oklahoma crop.
Red River Crops Conference Preview 1/19/19
Gary Strickland invites viewers to the Red River Crops Conference.
OSU releases four new wheat varieties 9/22/18
This week, we learn about the four new wheat varieties released by Oklahoma State University’s Wheat Improvement Team.
2018 Forage Field Day reminder 7/7/18
Alex Rocateli has information about the 2018 Summer Forage Field Day.
Early Wheat Rust in Oklahoma 11/12/16
Bob Hunger has an advisory about rust in Oklahoma wheat.
OQBN: Woodward County 11/12/16
SUNUP hears from producers participating in the OQBN sale at the Woodward Livestock Auction about the benefits of value-added sales.
Let Me Tell You About The Wasps and The Bees 1/7/17-R
Eric Rebek explains how bees and wasps impact agriculture.
Approaches to immobile nutrient management 11/10/18
Brian Arnall explains different approaches to immobile nutrient management.
Ag Apps 2/11/17
Brian Arnall discusses some of the new apps for farmers and ranchers.
Nitrogen & sulfur leaching in wheat 1/19/19
Brian Arnall says with the amount of rainfall in the state, nitrogen and sulfur leaching is likely and tells us how to combat the issue.
Oklahoma Wildfire - Restoring the herd 4/28/18
We travel to Dewey County to see how producers are rebuilding following the wildfires. If you would like to donate agricultural-related supplies, visit ...
Harvest: Caddo County 7/7/18 (original air date 6/29/13)
Lyndall Stout takes us to Caddo County, Oklahoma to speak with the Krehbiel family about their experiences on the farm.
If you don't pick it up, your cattle will 2/18/17
Dave Lalman explains why it is important to pick up all of the twine from a bale of hay.
Cotton seed for cattle food 12/16/17
Dave Lalman has advice for cattle producers planning to feed cottonseed to cattle.
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We're thick with ticks! 7/1/17
SUNUP talks ticks with Dr. Susan Little, of Oklahoma State University’s Center for Veterinary Health Sciences.
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Wheat Harvest: Update 7/2/16
SUNUP is checking with David Marburger for a harvest recap and early results from the OSU Wheat Improvement Team’s research variety trials.

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