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Mesonet Weather 8/21/21
Wes Lee breaks down how long-term temperature averages affect wheat planting. Gary McManus says the recent rains have not had much of an impact on the drought ...
Mesonet Weather 2/16/19
In the Mesonet weather report, Wes Lee explains how wet conditions in the fall and dry conditions across western Oklahoma are increasing fire dangers in that ...
Mesonet Weather 7/4/20
Wes Lee covers the lack of moisture across Oklahoma, and how high winds are playing a factor.
Mesonet Weather 6/30/18
Wes Lee analyzes the recent jump in humidity levels and the heat index, and how that translates to the Cattle Comfort Index. Gary McManus looks at June ...
Mesonet Weather 1/26/19
Wes Lee explains the Cattle Comfort Index and the data that goes into it. Gary McManus says although it seems like it has been cold in January, we actually ...
Mesonet Weather 9/15/18
Wes Lee looks at how the reduced solar radiation has impacted soybean production. Gary McManus says even though we have had rain, overall parts of the state ...
Mesonet Weather 5/30/20
Wes Lee shows us what parts of the state benefitted from recent rains. Gary McManus says Cimarron County could enter extreme drought soon.
Mesonet Weather 5/29/21
Wes Lee explains why progress is slowing for our Oklahoma crops. Gary McManus says this cool, wet weather could continue.
Mesonet Weather 6/5/21
Wes Lee explains how the amount of rain and lack of sunshine have caused temperatures to remain low. Gary McManus says the recent moisture has dramatically ...
Mesonet Weather 5/11/19
Wes Lee shows us where the recent rains have fully saturated the soil profile and what part of the state is drying out. Gary McManus says even though we are ...
Mesonet Weather 12/30/17
This week Al Sutherland shows a new way to monitor burning conditions and Gary McManus takes a look at the drought development.
Mesonet Weather 8/26/17
Al Sutherland has the big winners of the recent rain, and Gary McManus has a drought monitor that reflects a wetter than normal August.
Mesonet Weather 8/11/18
Wes Lee shows us the parts of the state that saw some rain and looks at how much cooler we have been than normal. Gary McManus says exceptional drought has ...
Mesonet Weather 3/12/17
Al Sutherland looks at the weather conditions that helped the wildfires in parts of Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas intensify so quickly earlier in the week.
Mesonet Weather 2/3/18
Al Sutherland shows us the area that has gone without rain for 124 consecutive days. Gary McManus explains why extreme drought is growing on the latest drought ...
Mesonet Weather 3/25/17
Al Sutherland shows us the recent temperature fluctuations and Gary McManus tells us if any parts of Oklahoma may be coming off the drought monitor.
Mesonet Weather 4/27/19
In the Mesonet weather report, Wes Lee shows us how the soil profile is reacting to the recent moisture. Gary McManus says the rain this week prevented a ...
Mesonet Weather 5/20/17
Al Sutherland says warm temperatures are starting to impact cattle and crops. Gary McManus shows us where drought remains in Oklahoma.
Mesonet Weather 5/27/17
Al Sutherland shows us the parts of the state that are above average in rainfall. Gary McManus has the first drought-free map in quite a while and says June ...
Mesonet Weather 11/2/19
Wes Lee shows us how October fared when it comes to rainfall. Gary McManus says drought is shrinking across parts of the state and cooler weather is helping.
Mesonet Weather 7/13/19
Wes Lee explains the science behind the recent heat advisories. Gary McManus shows the long-term weather averages for this time of year and how cooler ...
Mesonet Weather 3/30/19
Wes Lee looks at bare soil temperatures at four inches and how they compare to average. Gary McManus shows us why there is such a difference in the drought ...
Mesonet Weather TEMPLATE 0/0/16
Al Sutherland...
Mesonet Weather 1/9/16
Al Sutherland shows us that most of the state is looking great for soil moisture, and Gary McManus has news about a possible cold and wet outlook for late ...
Mesonet Weather 1/23/16
Al Sutherland shows us where wheat producers will need to scout for first hollow stem in the coming weeks.
Mesonet Weather 1/30/16
Al Sutherland shows us the areas of Oklahoma with the highest risk for fire this week. Gary McManus has precipitation totals for January 2016.
Mesonet Weather 2/6/16
Al Sutherland shows us the areas of Oklahoma that should be scouting for first hollow stem in wheat. Gary McManus has precipitation totals for 2016.
Mesonet Weather 2/13/16
Gary McManus shows us how 2016 rainfall compares to the average rainfall.
Mesonet Weather 2/20/16
In the Mesonet report, Al Sutherland says there is still moisture in the soil, but plants are dry and burn easily, Gary McManus also shows us how close ...
Mesonet Weather 2/27/16
Al Sutherland shows which Mesonet site has spent the most hours below freezing and Gary McManus says wet weather may be coming.

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