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Market Monitor 1/21/17
Kim Anderson says wheat prices are up and says it may be time to sell.
Market Monitor 7/4/20
Kim Anderson provides an update on crop markets.
Market Monitor 6/2/18
Kim Anderson says the first wheat going to the elevator is about what he expected when it comes to quality.
Market Monitor 10/28/17
Kim Anderson analyzes why the International Grain Council estimates are lower than USDA expectations.
Market Monitor 1/7/17
Kim Anderson says the world is starting to watch the U.S. wheat crop for quality.
Market Monitor 5/30/20
Kim Anderson tells us why wheat prices could start sliding soon even though summer crop futures look to be steady.
Market Monitor 9/14/19
Kim Anderson says the latest WASDE report comes closer on corn, but there is little change otherwise.
Market Monitor 7/15/17
Kim Anderson says the latest WASDE projections were above the market expectations, causing a drop in prices.
Market Monitor 9/21/19
Kim Anderson says with 80% of the world wheat crop harvested, the wheat markets may have bottomed out and we could see small rallies ahead.
Market Monitor 10/12/19
Kim Anderson has the latest information from the WASDE report.
Market Monitor 8/10/19
Kim Anderson says if China doesn’t buy U.S. commodities, someone around the world will. He also says it might be time for some producers to look at returning ...
Market Monitor 7/27/19
Kim Anderson says uncertainty in corn planted acres is impacting wheat prices and will until August 12th, when revised corn acreage numbers are released.
Market Monitor 7/8/17
Kim Anderson says there is reason to celebrate $5 wheat, but don’t sell on emotion.
Market Monitor 7/29/17
Kim Anderson analyzes how Russia is impacting the price of U.S. wheat.
Market Monitor 6/1/19
Kim Anderson says wheat and corn prices are creeping higher as progress on the 2019 crops slow across the state.
Market Monitor TEMPLATE 0/0/16
Kim Anderson....
Market Monitor 1/9/16
Kim Anderson says $4.50 is the sweet spot for the price of Oklahoma wheat at harvest. He analyzes what can make the price go up or down.
Market Monitor 1/16/16
Kim Anderson analysis of world wheat markets and their impact on Oklahoma producers.
Market Monitor 1/23/16
Kim Anderson says wheat producers should grow and sell the best product they can to compete in the world market in 2016.
Market Monito 1/30/16
Kim Anderson says says “we (U.S.) aren’t the big player we used to be” in the world wheat markets.
Market Monitor 2/6/16
Kim Anderson says there could be a “perfect storm” brewing for a price rally in the wheat market.
Market Monitor 2/13/16
Kim Anderson explains why the world’s largest importer of wheat is not buying wheat right now.
Market Monitor 2/20/16
Kim Anderson analyzes the gap between the price of wheat and the cost of producing it.
Market Monitor 2/27/16
Kim Anderson says wheat prices could fall another 50 cents if they break the $4.30 floor.
Market Monitor 3/12/16
Kim Anderson provides an update on the grain markets.
Market Monitor 3/26/16
Kim Anderson is excited to see wheat prices are back in a sideways pattern.
Market Monitor 4/2/16
Kim Anderson analyzes the latest USDA reports.
Market Monitor 4/9/16
Kim Anderson has a four-dollar forward contract price for wheat, and explains what this means for Oklahoma producers.
Market Monitor 4/16/16
Kim Anderson explains why the 2016 wheat crop needs both quality and quantity.
Market Monitor 4/23/16
Kim Anderson says world crop estimates are coming up short and that could be good for wheat marketers.

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