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Livestock Marketing 10/19/19
Derrell Peel gives us an update on wheat pasture conditions across the state and explains why cattle and beef markets are going strong.
Livestock Marketing 8/11/18
Derrell Peel says beef has been relatively sheltered from trade disruptions, but pork may not have the same luck.
Livestock Marketing 5/5/18
Derrell Peel says livestock deaths the recent western Oklahoma wildfires will have minimal impacts on the cattle markets.
Livestock Marketing 7/1/17
Derrell Peel says there is potential for cattle producers to make a profit in 2017, but he advises to manage margins closely.
Livestock Marketing TEMPLATE 0/0/16
Derrell Peel ....
Livestock Marketing 1/9/16
Derrell Peel says he is watching trade and consumption to see how they could influence cattle markets in 2016.
Livestock Marketing 1/23/16
Derrell Peel says the recent avian flu outbreak may not be great for foreign markets, but could mean lower prices for U.S consumers.
Livestock Marketing 2/6/16
Derrell Peel analyzes the annual cattle report and looks at whether it changes the outlook for Oklahoma producers this year.
Livestock Marketing 2/27/16
Derrell Peel says changes are coming to the beef markets in 2016.
Livestock Marketing 3/26/16
Derrell Peel says beef markets are preparing for grilling season.
Livestock Marketing 4/9/16
Derrell Peel says beef exports from the U.S. may be stabilizing in 2016.
Livestock Marketing 4/23/16
Derrell Peel analyzes where the U.S. ranks in livestock exports.
Livestock Marketing 5/7/16
Derrell Peel explains why cattle prices are slowing and how close the U.S. cattle herd is to pre-2011 numbers.
Livestock Marketing 5/21/16
Derrell Peel says the bump in cattle prices is unusual for this time of year.
Livestock Marketing 6/4/16
Derrell Peel says demand for beef has been good in 2016 and analyzes how that could drive prices.
Livestock Marketing 6/18/16
Derrell Peel explains how stronger beef exports from Mexico could impact the market.
Livestock Marketing 7/2/16
Derrell Peel discusses how uncertainty in the aftermath of the Brexit vote could impact livestock markets and beef imports/exports.
Livestock Marketing 7/16/16
Derrell Peel has advice for cow-calf producers as margins tighten.
Livestock Marketing 7/30/16
Derrell Peel explores the latest cattle on feed report.
Livestock Marketing 8/13/16
Derrell Peel explains how the U.S. is again importing fresh and frozen beef from Brazil.
Livestock Marketing with Derrell Peel 1/17/15
Derrell Peel analyzes U.S. trade relations with Canada and Mexico, as well as the 2015 outlook for cattle markets and prices.
Livestock Marketing 1/31/15
Derrell Peel talks about how livestock markets are performing in the new year, pasture conditions and the industry outlook for Oklahoma ranchers.
Livestock Marketing 2/14/15
Derrell Peel analyzes the improving U.S. and Oklahoma cattle inventory numbers.
Livestock Marketing 3/21/15
Derrell Peel analyzes cattle prices, livestock supply and demand, and explains how beef imports have slowed in recent months.
Livestock Marketing 4/18/15
Derrell Peel talks about how the rain may impact the livestock markets and highlights seasonal expectations heading into the summer.
Livestock Marketing 5/2/15
Derrell Peel covers the latest USDA Cattle on Feed report and provides an update on herd rebuilding.
Livestock Marketing 5/16/15
Derrell Peel analyzes new livestock and meat trade data, as well as seasonal beef demand.
Livestock Marketing 5/30/15
Derrell Peel covers the impact of rain on cattle, retail meat prices and how avian flu is impacting the market.
Livestock Marketing 6/20/15
Derrell Peel explains how moisture is affecting pasture conditions, for better and worse.
Livestock Marketing 7/4/15
Derrell Peel discusses beef prices and provides an overview of margins for sectors of the beef industry.

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