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Food Whys - Cowboy cooking 9/15/18
Andrea Graves tells us about the “Cowboy Cooking” trend.
Food Whys TEMPLATE 0/0/16
Food Whys
Food Whys: Ground Hog (Sausage) 1/30/16
In Food Whys, as we get closer to Groundhog Day, Jake Nelson explains what goes into making sausage.
Food Whys: Valentine's Chocolate 2/20/16
You may have received chocolate for Valentine’s Day. Can it be good for you? Nurhan Dunford has the answer in Food Why
Food Whys: Use By/Sell By Dates 4/2/16
Jim Brooks looks at the difference between "use by" and "sell by" dates.
Food Whys 5/14/16
Jason Young explains the Global Food Security Initiative.
Food Whys 6/4/16
Nurhan Dunford looks at difference between wheat germ and wheat bran.
Food Whys 7/2/16
Nurhan Dunford shows us the different qualities among a variety of food oils.
Food Whys 8/6/16
Darren Scott walks us through the redesigned Nutritional Facts Label.
Food Whys: CO-OP vs. CSA 1/10/15
Rodney Holcomb explains the difference between food cooperatives, community supported agriculture and farmer’s markets.
Food Whys: Corn Syrup 2/7/15
Nurhan Dunford explains the science behind high fructose corn syrup.
Food Whys: Farmers Markets 3/28/15
Rodney Holcomb explains how Oklahoma Grown farmer’s markets are organized.
Food Whys: Made in Oklahoma 4/25/15
Chuck Willoughby shows us the economic impact of the Made in Oklahoma Coalition, in Food Whys.
Food Whys: Logos vs. Labels 6/13/15
Mandy Gross highlights the difference between a logo and a label in Food Whys.
Food Whys: Trans Fats 6/27/15
Nurhan Dunford explains trans fat and where it shows up in the American diet in Food Whys.
Food Whys: Building a Business Plan 7/25/15
Food industry economist Rodney Holcomb explains why a business plan is important to a startup as well as an established business.
Food Whys 8/29/15
Nurhan Dunford shows why antioxidants are important to the human diet.
Food Whys: Tailgating Food Safety 10/3/15
Ravi Jadeja has advice for keeping food safe during tailgating.
Food Whys 10/31/15
Erin Johnson has tips for client success through programs offered at the Robert M. Kerr Food and Agricultural Products Center.
Food Whys: Does Turkey Make You Sleepy? 11/21/15
Darren Scott answers the question: does eating turkey make you sleepy?
Food Whys 12/12/15
William McGlynn has the history of black-eyed peas in Food Whys.
Food Whys 5/31/14
Andrea Graves compares two marketing programs for Oklahoma-based food products.
Food Whys 4/26/14
Jacob Nelson teaches viewers about the compounds involved in smoking meat.
Food Whys 3/29/14
Jacob Nelson explains what is actually in a hot dog.
Food Whys 2/22/14
Nurhan Dunford tells us about the different types of good fats in cooking oils.
Food Whys 1/25/14
William McGlynn explains how pH levels impact canning and food processing.
Food Whys 6/28/14
Darren Scott talks about his research on watermelons, looks at the fruit's health benefits and some of the food products made from watermelons.
Food Whys 7/26/14
William McGlynn has an overview of the growing Oklahoma wine industry.
Food Whys 9/06/14
Tim Bowser explains why potato chip bags and other food packages contains air.
Food Whys 9/27/14
Dani Bellmer explains how soft drink waste potentially could be converted into ethanol.

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