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Cow-Calf Corner - Important AI Terms 5/16/20
Glenn Selk explains how producers should prepare their cattle for artificial insemination.
Cow-Calf CornerTesting Hay Quality 10/19/19
Glenn Selk breaks down the supplementation needs of heifers in both gestation and lactation periods.
Cow-Calf Corner 1/27/18
Glenn Selk has suggestions on documenting your cattle and the importance of registering your brand.
Cow-Calf Corner 6/3/17
Glenn Selk has the facts about screw-claw in cattle.
Cow-Calf Corner - Cutting Sorghum Forage 7/4/20
Glenn Selk discusses nitrate toxicity and how to cut sorghum forage safely.
Cow-Calf Corner - Mineral feeders 7/7/18
Glenn Selk explains why proper mineral distribution is important for cattle and how to track usage.
Cow-Calf Corner 4/13/19
Glenn Selk explains why it is important to remember Beef Quality Assurance guidelines when administering medications while working cattle.
Cow-Calf Corner: Selecting a bull 3/12/17
Glenn Selk has advice for ensuring your bull is ready for breeding season.
Cow-Calf Corner - The Importance of Maintaining Temperature in Vaccines 8/10/19
Glenn Selk explains the importance of ensuring vaccines are stored at the correct temperatures.
Cow-Calf Corner 1/21/17
Glenn Selk builds a calving kit ahead of the spring calving season.
Cow-Calf Corner 1/7/17
Glenn Selk explains a way to ensure calves are born in the daylight hours.
Cow-Calf Corner TEMPLATE 0/0/17
Glenn Selk...
Cow-Calf Corner TEMPLATE 0/0/19
Glenn Selk...
Cow-Calf Corner - Prepping your calving kit 8/11/18
In Cow-Calf Corner, Glenn Selk has tips for creating a calving kit.
Cow-Calf Corner - Backward Calves 2/22/20
Glenn Selk tells us why calves positioned backward in the womb have only four minutes to clear the mothers pelvic bone during birth.
Cow-Calf Corner 10/15/16
Glenn Selk explains body condition scores and looks at the ideal score range for most cattle.
Cow-Calf Corner 9/23/17
Glenn Selk explains why producers should consider temperament when making decisions about culling cattle.
Cow-Calf Corner 7/15/17
Glenn Selk says it is important to test nitrate levels in potential hay crops before cutting.
Cow-Calf Corner - Value-Added Sales 8/31/19
Glenn Selk explains why weaning dates are important to value-added sales.
Cow-Calf Corner 11/18/17
Glenn Selk has advice for selecting the right number of heifers to retain as you plan your herd.
Cow-Calf Corner TEMPLATE 0/0/16
Glenn Selk...
Cow-Calf Corner: Passive Immunity 1/9/16
Glenn Selk explains why passive immunity is important in the first 24 hours of a calf’s life.
Cow-Calf Corner 1/16/16
Glenn Selk explains how newborn calves absorb antibodies in the first hours of their life.
Cow-Calf Corner: Passive Immunity 1 /23/16
Glenn Selk explains why placing a newborn calf over a fence may not be the best way to help it breathe immediately after birth.
Cow-Calf Corner: Repeatability of Calving Difficulties 1/30/16
Glenn Selk has advice on culling cows that have difficulty calving.
Cow-Calf Corner: Repeatability of Calving Difficulties 2/6/16
Glenn Selk has advice on calving a hind-first calf.
Cow-Calf Corner: High Protein for Young Heifers 2/13/16
Does wheat pasture impact reproduction capabilities in young replacement heifers? Glenn Selk explains what research shows, in Cow-Calf Corner.
Cow-Calf Corner: High Protein for Young Heifers 2/20/16
Does changing a heifer’s location impact its breeding cycle? Glenn Selk explains, in Cow-Calf Corner.
Cow-Calf Corner: Enough Bull? 2/27/16
Glenn Selk looks at how many bulls are enough for a herd, in Cow-Calf Corner.
Cow-Calf Corner: Multiple Births 3/12/16
In Cow-Calf Corner, Glenn Selk shares the frequency of multiple births in beef cattle.

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