2015 First Half

Jan 10, 2015 Red River Crops Conference 1/10/15-R
Randy Boman has a preview of the Red River Crops Conference Jan. 27-28 in Childress, Texas. Re-aired from 12/6/14.
Jan 10, 2015 Canola Storage 1/10/15-R
SUNUP travels to OSU's Stored Products Research Education Center (SPREC) to talk with Carol Jones and Kevin Moore about the differences between storing wheat and canola. Re-aired from 7/5/14.
Jan 10, 2015 Ag by the Numbers 1/10/15
U.S. Calf Crop Numbers 2014
Jan 17, 2015 Farm Bill: Decision Time 1/17/15
Jody Campiche reminds producers about upcoming farm bill program deadlines.
Jan 17, 2015 Limit Feeding 1/17/15-R
In this SUNUP segment, we visit the Morton family in Garvin County and see how they are putting limit feeding to good use. We follow that up with a visit from Dave Lalman to discuss this feeding strategy. Re-aired from 2/4/12
Jan 17, 2015 Naturally Speaking: Trees & Deer 1/17/15-R
Dwayne Elmore explains the difference between even-aged and uneven-aged tree management for deer. Re-aired from 1/19/13
Jan 23, 2015 Oklahoma Wheat Update 1/24/15
We get a progress report from Jeff Edwards on Oklahoma’s winter wheat crop.
Jan 23, 2015 Oklahoma's 2015 Economic Outlook 1/24/15
Larry Sanders discusses Oklahoma’s economy and the 2015 economic outlook.
Jan 23, 2015 Food Safety Workshops 1/24/15
Chuck Willoughby invites viewers to the upcoming Food Safety for Small Farms and Businesses workshops across Oklahoma.
Feb 01, 2015 Ammoniation of Hay 1/31/15-R
We revisit a popular SUNUP segment outlining the steps of hay ammoniation with Dave Lalman and the team from OSU’s North Range. Re-aired from 12/1/12.
Feb 01, 2015 Oklahoma's Oil & Gas Industry 1/31/15
Larry Sanders discusses Oklahoma’s oil and gas industry.
Feb 01, 2015 Horses: Breeding & Foaling 1/31/15
We visit with Kris Hiney about breeding and foaling season. She also invites viewers to the upcoming Horse Owner’s Workshop March 7 in Stillwater.
Feb 08, 2015 Canola College 2/7/15
We invite viewers to Canola College February 19 in Enid.
Feb 08, 2015 Moving Cattle Off Wheat 2/7/15
Dave Lalman offers advice on moving cattle off wheat pasture.
Feb 08, 2015 Wheat First Hollow Stem 2/7/15
SUNUP talks with Jeff Edwards and J.D. Carlson about wheat, identifying first hollow stem and the Mesonet’s First Hollow Stem Advisor tool.
Feb 15, 2015 Farm Bill Decision Tool Overview 2/14/15
Dave Deken visits with Eric DeVuyst about OSU’s role in developing the farm bill decision tool.
Feb 15, 2015 Census of Ag 2/14/15
Damona Doye talks with SUNUP host, Lyndall Stout, and highlights the latest Census of Agriculture and tells us how Oklahoma is changing.
Feb 15, 2015 Farm Bill Decision Tool Demo 2/14/15
Jody Campiche demonstrates the farm bill decision tool and reminds viewers about upcoming deadlines.
Feb 22, 2015 Identifying Tan Spot 2/21/15
Lyndall Stout, host of SUNUP, learns how to identify and treat tan spot in wheat with Bob Hunger.
Feb 22, 2015 OQBN Results 2/21/15
Gant Mourertalks about the 2014 Oklahoma Quality Beef Network sale season and how producers can enroll this year.
Feb 22, 2015 2015 No-Till Conference 2/21/15
Jason Warren discusses soil compaction and invites viewers to the 2015 No-Till Oklahoma Conference March 3-4 in Norman.
Mar 22, 2015 Oklahoma Irrigation 3/21/15
Saleh Taghvaeian has an overview of irrigated agriculture in Oklahoma and a preview of OSU Water Week, which is March 23-27.
Mar 22, 2015 Farm Bill Deadline 3/21/15
Jody Campiche reminds viewers about the key March 31 farm bill deadline.
Mar 22, 2015 Army Cutworms 3/21/15
SUNUP looks at insect pressure in spring crops with Tom Royer.
Mar 22, 2015 Wheat Disease Update 3/21/15
Bob Hunger discusses leaf rust and stripe rust in spring crops.
Mar 29, 2015 Canola Update 3/28/15
Josh Bushong gives us the progress report on canola.
Mar 29, 2015 Winter Wheat Progress 3/28/15
Jeff Edwards talks about the progress on the winter wheat.
Mar 29, 2015 Oklahoma Land Values 3/28/15
Roger Sahs discusses Oklahoma land values.
Apr 11, 2015 Managing Spring Weeds 4/11/15
Angela Post talks about identifying and treating spring weeds.
Apr 11, 2015 Safe Pesticide Disposal 4/11/15
Charles Luper informs viewers about the Oklahoma Unwanted Pesticide Disposal Program, which is April 22 at the McClain County Fairgrounds in Purcell.
Apr 11, 2015 OQBN Spring Management 4/11/15
Gant Mourer offers spring calving management tips and vaccination information, along with an invitation to the Curt Pate Stockmanship Seminar April 23 at the OSU Totusek Animal Science Arena.
Apr 11, 2015 Winter Canola Field Tours Reminder 4/11/15
A reminder for viewers about next week’s Winter Canola Field Tours.
Apr 11, 2015 Mesonet's 20th Anniversary 4/11/15-R
A look back at Mesonet’s presence in Oklahoma, as the environmental monitoring network marks its 20th anniversary.
Apr 18, 2015 2015 Canola Field Tour 4/18/15
SUNUP visit Kingfisher County, a stop on the 2015 Canola Field Tour, along with Zack Meyer.
Apr 18, 2015 Canola Crop Update 4/18/15
SUNUP interviews Josh Bushong about the 2015 canola crop.
Apr 18, 2015 Okla. Wheat Commission: Crop Progress 4/18/15
Jeff Bedwell tells us about the varying wheat conditions in northwest Oklahoma. Mike Schulte of the Oklahoma Wheat Commission talks about rainfall and freeze impact on the crop.
Aug 31, 2015 Seg4 TEMPLATE 0/0/15
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Apr 18, 2015 Horses & Ticks 4/18/15
Justin Talley shows us how to identify and treat the ticks appearing this season on horses and cattle.
Apr 04, 2015 Sorghum Planning 4/4/15
SUNUP features an overview of planting and managing sorghum with Brian Arnall.
Aug 31, 2015 Seg2 TEMPLATE 0/0/15
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Aug 31, 2015 Seg3 TEMPLATE 0/0/15
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Apr 25, 2015 Wildlife Food Plots 4/25/15-R
We visit Cleveland County to discuss wildlife food plots.
May 04, 2015 Oklahoma Wheat Update 5/2/15
Jeff Edwards talks about the effect of the recent rain on Oklahoma’s winter wheat crop. Jeff also invites viewers to Wheat Field Day at the North Central Research Station at Lahoma May 8.
May 04, 2015 Prescribed Fire and Ticks 5/2/15-R
In this SUNUP segment, Terry Bidwell explains how to use prescribed fire to control ticks and other insects. (June 9, 2012)
May 04, 2015 Harvest: Caddo County 5/2/15-R
Lyndall Stout takes us to Caddo County, Oklahoma to speak with the Krehbiel family about their experiences on the farm.
May 09, 2015 Canola Update 5/9/15
SUNUP visit with Josh Bushong about the effect of recent rain on Oklahoma’s canola crop. He also invites viewers to the upcoming Canola Harvest Clinics.
May 09, 2015 Why Canola? 5/9/15
SUNUP's Lyndall Stout visits Jeff Scott, a Grant county producer, to learn how he got involved with canola and why he has grown his canola acres over the years.
May 09, 2015 National Land & Range Contest 5/9/15
SUNUP travels to Edmond for a practice round leading up to this week’s National Land and Range Contest, featuring 4-H and FFA students from across the U.S.
May 17, 2015 OkState Wheat Varieties 5/16/15
SUNUP travels to Lahoma for the 2015 Wheat Field Day at the North Central Research Station.
May 17, 2015 Drilling Mud on Land Research 5/16/15
Lyndall Stout interviews Chad Penn on water-based drilling mud.
May 17, 2015 Soil Nutrients After Rain 5/16/15
Dave Deken talkes to Brian Arnall about soil nutrients after rain.
May 17, 2015 Ag by the Numbers 5/16/15
May 24, 2015 OkState Wheat Variety Development 5/23/15
At the North Central Research Station at Lahoma, Lyndall interviews Brett Carver on wheat variety development.
May 24, 2015 No-Till Soil After Rain 5/23/15
Jason Warren comparing no-till versus conventional till.
May 24, 2015 Ag By The Numbers 5/23/15
Top 5 Wheat Varieties in Oklahoma for 2010 and 2015.
May 24, 2015 Vegas Strip Steak 5/23/15-R
We stop by the OSU Student Union’s Rancher’s Club to sample the new Vegas Strip steak. Interviews include Sous-Chef Kyle Hennessey, as well as the FAPC's Jacob Nelson and Jim Brooks.
May 31, 2015 Mosquito Prevention Tips 5/30/15
Justin Talley with mosquito prevention tips.
May 31, 2015 Foot Rot 5/30/15
Dave Lalman with treating and avoiding foot rot in cattle.
May 31, 2015 Corn Planter and Speed 5/30/15
SUNUP returns to the North Central Research Station at Lahoma, where Randy Taylor has an overview of research on planter spacing and speed.
Jun 07, 2015 Woods County Wheat Tour 6/6/15
SUNUP visits with a wheat producer in Woods County.
Jun 07, 2015 Dewey County Wheat Tour 6/6/15
SUNUP visits with a wheat producer in Dewey County.
Jun 07, 2015 Kiowa County Wheat Tour 6/6/15
SUNUP visits with wheat producers in Kiowa County.
Jun 07, 2015 Tillman County Wheat Tour 6/6/15
SUNUP visits with a wheat producer in Tillman County.
Jun 07, 2015 Ag by the Numbers 6/6/15
Ag by the numbers winter wheat numbers for 2015.
Jun 14, 2015 Milk Production in Beef Cattle 6/13/15
Dave Lalman explains the study conducted by Oklahoma State University to examine genetics related to milk production in beef cattle.
Jun 14, 2015 Nitrogen After Rain 6/13/15
Brian Arnall discusses how Nitrogen can move through the soil following a heavy rain event. He also has recommendations for summer crop applications.
Jun 14, 2015 Canola Harvest 6/13/15
We talk with Josh Bushong about how canola harvest is progressing across Oklahoma.
Jun 21, 2015 USDA PLC/ARC Enrollment Numbers 6/20/15
Eric DeVuyst shares the USDA’s numbers for Agriculture Risk Coverage (ARC) & Price Loss Coverage (PLC) enrollment.
Jun 21, 2015 Weaning Fall-Born Cattle 6/20/15
Dave Lalman has options for post-weaning management of fall-born calves.
Jun 28, 2015 Wheat Crop Update 6/27/15
Jeff Edwards tells us how the Oklahoma wheat crop is faring as the last half of the state moves toward harvest.
Jun 28, 2015 Is it Better to Conventional Till? 6/27/15
Jason Warren talks about the benefits of conventional till and no-till.
Jun 28, 2015 Summer Burning 6/27/15
John Weir explains why this is the best time for prescribed burns.
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