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Mesonet Weather discusses agriculturally focused weather reports from the Oklahoma Mesonet. Mesonet Weather is presented by Wes Lee and Gary McManus.

Mesonet Weather discusses agriculturally focused weather reports from the Oklahoma Mesonet. Mesonet Weather is presented by Wes Lee and Gary McManus.

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Apr 10, 2021 Mesonet Weather 4/10/21
Wes Lee explains how the recent temperatures are impacting hay production in Oklahoma. Gary McManus says drought is expanding but says the expected cooler and wetter outlooks will likely hamper wide development.
Apr 03, 2021 Mesonet Weather 4/3/21
Wes Lee talks soil moisture, and Gary McManus has an update on Oklahoma's drought conditions.
Mar 26, 2021 Mesonet Weather 3/27/21
Wes Lee says recent rains have helped soil moisture throughout the state. Gary McManus analyzes the latest drought monitor map.
Mar 19, 2021 Mesonet Weather 3/20/21
Gary McManus says parts of southwest Oklahoma are looking better on the drought monitor, and the outlook is favorable for more rain soon.
Mar 13, 2021 Mesonet Weather 3/13/21
Wes Lee shows us how the Drift Risk Advisor can help producers as they plan crop applications. Gary McManus says cooler temperatures may be here in the coming weeks.
Mar 06, 2021 Mesonet Weather 3/6/21
Wes Lee shows us which parts of the state may soon have a flush of alfalfa weevils. Gary McManus says drought is shifting across the state.
Feb 27, 2021 Mesonet Weather 2/27/21
Then, in the Mesonet weather report, Wes Lee shows us how the Oklahoma Mesonet can help producers predict when first hollow stem is appearing in the wheat crop. Gary McManus says the recent snow was not much help for the drought picture across Oklahoma.
Feb 20, 2021 Mesonet Weather 2/20/21
Wes Lee shows us how soil temperatures were impacted during the recent freezing weather. Gary McManus says it will be a week before we see any benefit from the snow and ice.
Feb 06, 2021 Mesonet Weather 2/6/21
Wes Lee tells us about the Cattle Comfort Index and how it can help cattle producers. Gary McManus says rainfall amounts are mostly on track for 2021.
Jan 30, 2021 Mesonet Weather 1/30/21
Wes Lee explains how snow impacted soil moisture. Gary McManus shows us how the drought monitor looks after the recent rains.
Jan 23, 2021 Mesonet Weather 1/23/21
Wes Lee shows us how wheat degree growing dates compare to past years. Gary McManus says things are dry in Oklahoma, but things are really dry to the west of Oklahoma.
Jan 16, 2021 Mesonet Weather 1/16/21
Wes Lee explains how we can usually expect better soil moisture following a snow event. Gary McManus details the rainfall picture since the start of the new water year, which was October 2020.
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