Jan 07, 2017 Market Monitor 1/7/17
Kim Anderson says the world is starting to watch the U.S. wheat crop for quality.
Jan 14, 2017 Market Monitor 1/14/17
Kim Anderson says the latest USDA Crop Production and Winter Wheat Seedings report shows planted acres are the lowest since the Dust Bowl.
Jan 21, 2017 Market Monitor 1/21/17
Kim Anderson says wheat prices are up and says it may be time to sell.
Jan 28, 2017 Market Monitor 1/28/17
Kim Anderson says wheat prices may have stalled, but it’s not time to panic.
Feb 04, 2017 Market Monitor 2/4/17
Kim Anderson says producers would be “lucky” to get $4.25 for wheat at harvest and likely will take a loss.
Feb 11, 2017 Market Monitor 2/11/17
Kim Anderson says we could see $5 wheat next year.
Feb 18, 2017 Market Monitor 2/18/17
Kim Anderson talks about his expectation for more soybeans and cotton than corn this year.
Feb 25, 2017 Market Monitor 2/25/17
Kim Anderson says planted acres are shifting lower in the U.S. while they are growing across the globe.
Mar 05, 2017 Market Monitor 3/5/17
Kim Anderson says bushel expectations for U.S. wheat are lowering and the price of wheat is up 20 cents.
Mar 12, 2017 Market Monitor 3/12/17
Kim Anderson shows how prices have changed in the latest WASDE report.
Mar 25, 2017 Market Monitor 3/25/17
Kim Anderson says though the price of wheat slipped 45 cents, producers need to focus on their crop. He says it will pay off in the end.
Apr 01, 2017 Market Monitor 4/1/17
Kim Anderson says rain is good for the wheat plant, but it is not good for the price.
Apr 08, 2017 Market Monitor 4/8/17
Kim Anderson says are about double what it was last year, but it’s not enough to bump up the price.
Apr 15, 2017 Market Monitor 4/15/17
Kim Anderson says wheat exports nearly doubled this year, but the rains may keep the prices low.
Apr 22, 2017 Market Monitor 4/22/17
Kim Anderson says Oklahoma has seen low wheat prices before followed by $9 per bushel, but will it happen this time?
Apr 29, 2017 Market Monitor 4/29/17
Kim Anderson says the stage may be set for higher wheat prices.
May 06, 2017 Market Monitor 5/6/17
Kim Anderson says the recent snow in the High Plains could damage one percent of U.S. exports, but time will tell.
May 13, 2017 Market Monitor 5/13/17
Kim Anderson analyzes the latest supply and demand report.
Dec 16, 2017 Market Monitor 12/16/17
Kim Anderson says the eyes of the wheat world are on the upcoming U.S. crop, and they are already focusing on quality.
May 20, 2017 Market Monitor 5/20/17
Kim Anderson explains why Egypt’s purchase of wheat from nearby countries impacted the price they paid for U.S. wheat.
May 27, 2017 Market Monitor 5/27/17
Kim Anderson explains why projected lower ending stocks in other countries could mean better prices are on the way for Oklahoma wheat.
Jun 03, 2017 Market Monitor 6/3/17
Kim Anderson explains why it might be a good idea to hold some wheat back for the fall if you have on-site storage.
Jun 10, 2017 Market Monitor 6/10/17
Kim Anderson explains what to consider when marketing 2017 wheat.
Jun 17, 2017 Market Monitor 6/17/17
Kim Anderson has news on a possible future rally in the wheat market.
Jun 24, 2017 Market Monitor 6/24/17
Kim Anderson lets us know whether it is better to sell or continue to store grain that’s in the bin.
Jul 01, 2017 Market Monitor 7/1/17
Kim Anderson says world crops could give Oklahoma wheat producers a reason to plant more acres in 2018.
Dec 16, 2017 Market Monitor 12/16/17
Kim Anderson says the eyes of the wheat world are on the upcoming U.S. crop, and they are already focusing on quality.
Jul 08, 2017 Market Monitor 7/8/17
Kim Anderson says there is reason to celebrate $5 wheat, but don’t sell on emotion.
Jul 15, 2017 Market Monitor 7/15/17
Kim Anderson says the latest WASDE projections were above the market expectations, causing a drop in prices.
Jul 22, 2017 Market Monitor 7/22/17
Kim Anderson says the markets are like a pendulum, expect corrections.
Jul 29, 2017 Market Monitor 7/29/17
Kim Anderson analyzes how Russia is impacting the price of U.S. wheat.
Aug 19, 2017 Market Monitor 8/19/17
Kim Anderson says there’s too much wheat in world markets, so expect lower prices for the foreseeable future.
Aug 26, 2017 Market Monitor 8/26/17
Kim Anderson says Venezuela is buying higher protein wheat for less than the U.S. and Canada can sell it.
Sep 02, 2017 Market Monitor 9/2/17
Kim Anderson has the X’s and O’s the world wheat market.
Sep 09, 2017 Market Monitor 9/9/17
Kim Anderson has a preview of Tuesday’s WASDE report.
Sep 16, 2017 Market Monitor 9/16/17
Kim Anderson says it takes two years to clear the wheat stocks, but only a year to clear corn and soybean stocks.
Sep 30, 2017 Market Monitor 9/30/17
Kim Anderson says wheat prices are on the rise, but he wouldn’t call it a rally…yet.
Sep 23, 2017 Market Monitor 9/23/17
Kim Anderson says the U.S. is not as competitive in the world wheat markets as once was.
Oct 07, 2017 Market Monitor 10/7/17
Kim Anderson explains how wheat producers can turn a profit with $4 wheat.
Oct 14, 2017 Market Monitor 10/14/17
Kim Anderson explains how the latest WASDE report could impact the price of wheat, soybeans and corn.
Oct 21, 2017 Market Monitor 10/21/17
Kim Anderson says cotton harvest is ahead of schedule and prices are remaining steady.
Oct 28, 2017 Market Monitor 10/28/17
Kim Anderson analyzes why the International Grain Council estimates are lower than USDA expectations.
Nov 04, 2017 Market Monitor 11/4/17
Kim Anderson says Russia is taking everybody’s market, but Oklahoma producers can still make $5 wheat.
Nov 11, 2017 Market Monitor 11/11/17
Kim Anderson breaks down the numbers from the latest WASDE report and says there could be up to 25 million bushels of wheat leaving the market.
Nov 18, 2017 Market Monitor 11/18/17
Kim Anderson tells us that the wheat market is focusing on the southern hemisphere and what to expect as we turn the page on the marketing calendar.
Nov 25, 2017 Market Monitor 11/25/17
Kim Anderson says the price of cotton has held steady at 60 cents and looks like it could stay there for a while.
Dec 02, 2017 Market Monitor 12/2/17
Kim Anderson says wheat prices are slowing their descent, but they may not be at the bottom.
Dec 09, 2017 Market Monitor 12/9/17
Kim Anderson says if you make the investment in wheat quality, producers won’t lose as much money at harvest.
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